Student’s Diary

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog, mainly, as my fingers are sore from trying to fill 32 pages of the exam booklets. I am tired of writing so much. I have just finished appearing for my first semester exams of MBA-7 subjects daily each for 3 hours! Phew! (Back to School)

My out-of-school friends are tired of all the ‘study talk’. Since I have gotten back to study, invariably the conversation veers to, “How is college? When are the exams? How did they go? Will you pass?”

So, how did I study for these exams? I did everything a student should not do. From watching movies to going for dinners and meeting family and friends. I have done everything else but studied just a little. In fact, some of my tutors went into more of a tizzy trying to explain concepts to me last minute and fretting over ‘my busy social schedule’ 😉

The time that I did try to study- even the copious amounts of cups of tea and potato wafers I nibbled on couldn’t help me concentrate (my waist line’s bigger though). The alphabets (‘Sweat the Alphabets, Dance the Digits’) blurred out (prompted me to see an ophthalmologist) and danced into oblivion as I tried to memorize my class notes.


Suddenly everything else seemed more important too- Steig Larsson’s and Fannie Flagg’s novels lying by my bedside, catching up on the latest TV series, scouring the internet for design ideas, planning my next vacation…

Last minute phone calls to my classmates for ‘important questions’ didn’t help much either, as I didn’t know the answers to those questions anyway 😉

Waking up anxiously and walking up tensed to the exam hall, staring at the question paper as if it was in Greek and Latin, I cursed myself and promised to study well in time for the next exams. The only thing that came to my rescue while writing though was what I remembered the teacher teaching in class, as learning anything new at the last minute proved quite futile.

I am invoking God in my prayers, as I fretfully wait to know if I’ve made the cut.

I wonder if I’ll be better prepared for the next exams… I DOUBT 😉

(Back to School) (Phases)

-Tamanna S. Mehdi


Back to School

I was never a ‘studious kid’ or a teacher’s pet for all through my formal education days. In fact, like countless other school/college kids, I could not wait to pass, get my degree and get out for ‘good’ from the ‘education cycle’.

I was better at commerce subjects and enjoyed economics while in school. I wanted to study further on those lines, but instead ended up getting an Arts degree. I followed it with a Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism (did exceptionally well too) and then a PG Diploma in Public Relations.

I did all my studies in India except for my course in Public Relations from Deakin University, Melbourne. It was a different experience, especially since I had lived and studied only in India up until then. The walk to my University traversed through the Gardiners creek protected forest reserve which has a small brook flowing through it. Every time I walked to classes, I crossed the small foot bridge with ducks quacking in the cool water below. I had never imagined that I would be studying in a setting as beautiful and idyllic as this. The mode of teaching at that University was ‘assignment orientated’ with just 1 written exam per semester. Ah! What a relief it was to me! No exams to ‘mug-up’ for. 🙂

Anyways, I thought those eventful study years would be the end of my academic pursuits. I consciously forgot about my keenness for business studies, but perhaps sub-consciously, I knew it was still an unfinished business.

Though I thought about it often, but I kept postponing it, mainly as I did not want to get back to the routine education grind. However, I finally decided this year to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). An unlikely conversation with my friend at my work this summer got me inclined to ‘stop sitting on it’ for any longer.

And hence, after a little over a decade of running away from the hallowed hallways of colleges, I find myself back at a study desk. I enrolled this year for an MBA degree from Andhra University at Dr. L.B. College, Visakhapatnam. I like to think of this as a new phase in my life (Phases).

Though it’s still early days and I have only had a few classes, I know that this stint at education will be as eventful as my previous ones. It has its challenges, mainly the daily classes and written exams (I haven’t held a pen for anything longer than signing my signature in a while).(Student’s Diary) Juggling academics with a full time job and a part-time job…it is going to be a hectic next two years of my life. Oh, I almost forgot about the Spanish language course I have applied for this year too.

Few get an opportunity to get back to study. Sometimes it is a relief to know that the only thing I will be stressing about is if I will pass the next subject.(Student’s Diary) Wish me luck for this phase in my life (Phases).

Tamanna S. Mehdi